Grand opening in Okinawa City in December 2021 This is a business hotel with a large room.It is also within walking distance to Okinawa Arena
Official HOTEL Gran Arena Okinawa Arena Koza
HOTEL Gran Arena

Official HOTEL Gran Arena Okinawa Arena Koza

Self check-in system

At HOTEL Gran Arena
From each website, Official website, reservation to payment
It is possible to complete and check-in / check-out
Self-check-in system completes completely non-face-to-face

【After booking and check-in procedures】
To send a form for entering customer information after making a reservation
Please enter your e-mail address in the remarks column when making a reservation
Please contact "".
Required for check-in on the day after completing the form
I will send you the code, so please be sure to check it
*If you do not receive the information email even the day before, we apologize for the inconvenience.
 please contact me

【About payment method】
If paying on site,《Cash payments are not accepted》
*Credit card and some QR code payments are possible

【About parking lot】
15 cars (free) on a first-come, first-served basis.Reservations cannot be made.
*If the car is full, please use the nearby coin parking.

【Cleaning during stay】
As an initiative for SDGs, we do not clean during your stay
*Towels and amenities can be changed every day
With the above, please enjoy the reduction of infectious disease risk and labor costs.
We aim to reduce the cost of accommodation for our customers by reducing


Countermeasures against Novel Coronavirus

  • Initiatives at our hotel

    We have introduced an automatic check-in system as part of our infectious disease control.
    Check-in and check-out are completely non-face-to-face.
    A disinfectant solution will be installed at the check-in counter for customers to use.
    Elevator floor button,Guest room doorknob,Remote control etc.,
    We carefully sterilize and disinfect areas that customers often touch.

In this facility / facility

  • Exterior appearance

    ■9 floors above ground and 1 floor underground.The total number of rooms is 31.

    ■The 85 m² maisonette room on the top floor
     Equipped with a mini kitchen and a microwave oven with oven function!
     One floor charter! The view is also GOOD!
     *We do not allow anyone other than guests to enter the room.

    ■The bath and toilet are separate types, and there is a shower toilet.
     All rooms are equipped with Netflix
     You can watch dramas and movies.
     (You need your own account to watch)
  • entrance

    ■Hotel entrance
  • Front desk ・lobby

    ■After disinfecting your hands with the disinfectant solution on the front desk
     Please enter the check-in code on the tablet
     Please read the QR code and check in.

    ■Also at check-out (check-in code required)
     Please use the tablet at the front desk.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

HOTEL Gran Arena Mapcode 33 590 198*36


2-17-1 Uechi, Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture

Telephone number

098-983-8002 10:00 to 18:00
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Inquiries by phone

If you have any questions, please contact us.


10:00 to 18:00