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Hotel Name

HOTEL Gran Arena Mapcode 33 590 198*36


2-17-1 Uechi, Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture

Telephone number

098-983-8002 10:00 to 18:00

Access information

  • By car or bus

    ◆When using a car◆
    About 50 minutes by car from Naha Airport (using the Okinawa Expressway) 1 minute from the Okinawa Minami IC.
    Parking:15 units(Free)*First-come-first-served basis, advance reservations are not possible.

    ◆When using a route bus◆
    You can also come to HOTEL Gran Arena by regular bus.
    We will show you how to ride.Please for your reference!

    It is more convenient to get to our hotel from the Naha Bus Terminal.
    To get to Naha Bus Terminal, take the monorail (Yui Rail) from Naha Airport Station.
    Get off at Asahibashi Station and walk for 2 to 3 minutes.

    ★Ryukyu Bus 098-863-2821
    Platform 1 ・21 Shintoshin Gushikawa Line
          ・90 Chibana Line
          ・Route 112 Kokutai Route

    Platform 4 ・23 Gushikawa Line
          ・Route 24 Naha Ojana Line
          ・63 Xiagu Line
          ・110 Nagata Gushikawa Line

    ★Any of the above lines will stop at "Sonda Bus Stop" without changing trains.
     The hotel is about a 1-minute walk from the "Sonda" bus stop.
    ★The route and platform number may change, so please check before using.
     Before boarding, please check if the bus stops at "Sonda Bus Stop" before boarding.