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In this facility / facility

Fully unmanned hotel

■At HOTEL Gran Arena
It is possible to complete from reservation to payment on each website or Official,
Check-in and check-out are also completely non-face-to-face with an automated system.
Along with these, by reducing the risk of infectious diseases and significantly reducing labor costs, etc.
We aim to reduce accommodation costs for our customers.

■Initiatives for SDGs
In addition, from the viewpoint of environmental protection, there is no room cleaning during consecutive stays.
*Towels can be changed daily.
  • Exterior appearance

    ■9 floors above ground and 1 floor underground.The total number of rooms is 31.

    ■The 85 m² maisonette room on the top floor
     Equipped with a mini kitchen and a microwave oven with oven function!
     One floor charter! The view is also GOOD!
     *We do not allow anyone other than guests to enter the room.

    ■The bath and toilet are separate types, and there is a shower toilet.
     All rooms are equipped with Netflix
     You can watch dramas and movies.
     (You need your own account to watch)
  • entrance

    ■Hotel entrance
  • Front desk ・lobby

    ■After disinfecting your hands with the disinfectant solution on the front desk
     Please enter the check-in code on the tablet
     Please read the QR code and check in.

    ■Also at check-out (check-in code required)
     Please use the tablet at the front desk.
  • key box

    ■You can get the card key from this box.
     When checking out, after the checkout procedure on the tablet
     Please drop your card key into the key drop box attached.
  • amenities bar & microwave

    ■amenities is prepared in the room.
     If you need an additional amount, please take the required amount from amenities
     Feel free to use the microwave.
     *Located at the emergency stairway entrance on each floor.
     *The 7th floor is in front of the B elevator.
  • Laundromat

    ■Located on the 4th and 5th floors of the facility.
     Theft in a laundromat and
     About fading and shrinking of laundry
     We will not compensate.

    Open Hours


    Laundry Detergent

    Detergent is set.
  • Laundromat

    Operation method enlarged version

    Open Hours


    Laundry Detergent

    ・Detergent is set.
    ・Only 100-yen coins can be used.
    *Coins other than 100-yen coins cannot be used.
  • vending machine(No soft drinks or alcohol)

    ・Only soft drinks are supported.We do not have alcohol beverages.

    Open Hours


    Sales type

    ・Soft drinks only.
    *We do not have alcohol beverages.
  • Parking

    Parking Fee



    ・Parking for up to 15 cars
    *Available on a first-come, first-served basis ・Advance reservation,Cannot be reserved. 
    *If the parking lot is full, please use a nearby pay parking lot.
     Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    ・There is a charging outlet for electric vehicles.
    *Please bring your own power cord.
     Please contact us in advance if you want to use it.

Facility details

Number of rooms

31 rooms in total

Locally available credit card

VISA / JCB / American Express/Master/Diners Club/Discover card

*Cash is not accepted at check-in.Partial QR code payment is also possible.


Free(15 units)*First-come-first-served basis.Advance reservation,Cannot be reserved.